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Insights & Inspirations SALONS*

* Salon, the french word for 'living room', refers to a gathering of interesting people discussing important topics of the day.  We call our events 'Salons' as it sets the perfect tone for the sharing, discussing, learning and growing that occur at our Insights and Inspirations evenings.

Unique, uplifting and enriching 

gatherings especially for Central

NJ women. Proceeds benefit

NORWESCAP Career & Life

Transitions Center for Women.

*YOU'RE INVITED...please join us!!

Just as the important people of the day gathered together in drawing rooms (SALONS*) two centuries ago to discuss important matters, we're bringing together Central NJ women to explore, learn, grow and even laugh during our enjoyable and engaging SALONS* evenings.

Interesting speakers....join us.

Compelling topics....join us.

Delicious food....join us.

Beautiful locations....join us.

Evenings dedicated to supporting women like you, women interested in personal growth and professional development...women who want to experience the POWER of gathering together with a group of intellectually curious women.  

Tickets are available for our next Salon!

Join us on November 11th, 6:30 pm, at Old York Cellars, Ringoes, NJ for our next's a BOOK LAUNCH PARTY to benefit the Career & Life Transitions Center for Women. To learn more, click on 'Our Next Salon' in the navigation menu above or give us a call at  908-788-1453